2.2 Designing The Header + Footer Sections In The Global Template (Video)

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Welcome to step two of lesson two of the freelance website building video course using WordPress with Oxygen Builder 4.0. In this step, we're going to begin designing the header and footer sections inside of the global template. Let's dive in.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. How to add and customize page sections
  2. How to add a beautiful hero header with logo and menu
  3. How to add a message and CTA button
  4. How to add an image
  5. Include an inner-content element
  6. Create a beautiful three-column footer section
  7. Add footer links, CTA button, and social icons

Summary Of Step

I've kept this step as simple as possible to follow. If you feel as if I'm going too fast, simply adjust the speed to your liking.

As you build your header and footer sections using the components and elements within Oxygen Builder 4.0, you will familiarize yourself with the editor and many of its features.

Remember, this isn't specifically a course on how to use Oxygen Builder, it's also a course on how to build a beautiful, clean, modern, mobile-friendly website.

It's a wrap! You've successfully designed an awesome-looking header and footer section for your website. See you in the next step!