💡 This list has not been exhausted by any means. I'm always looking to add new topics and video lessons to the existing courses. I also invite you to use the link below to suggest a topic or lesson. If suitable, I will add it my the list under 'planned'.
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What's happening

Below you can view the list of items that are currently in development, next for development, and planned for future development. This list changes on a monthly basis.
Last updated: 20th February 2024


A complete overhaul of the 2022 Oxygen Builder course with a newly updated web design project, and new techniques, using the latest version of Oxygen (4.7 onwards). Launching on 27th October 2023 in the Beta phase.
Releasing on the 12th of March 2024. On schedule.

In Progress

A complete revision of the Bricks Builder course, including multiple projects and modules. This is a large endeavor and twice the size of the original course. But work has begun and you can expect the first sections and modules to be released in the Spring of 2024. This course will be released here for existing members only, and available on our membership site at Van Marciano Pro.
A brand new platform consolidating our courses, premium expert tutorials, code snippets, templates, private Discord server, and additional content. Launching in mid-Spring of 2024.

Coming Next

This mini-course will teach you how to use ACSS for your web design projects using Oxygen Builder.


Planning has started for this course project. Production is scheduled for Summer 2024.
Planning has started for this course and production is scheduled for Spring 2024.
Planning has started for this course and production is scheduled for Summer 2024.
*Some planned items are subject to further research and testing.