💡 This list has not been exhausted by any means. I'm always looking to add new topics and video lessons to the existing courses. I also invite you to use the link below to suggest a topic or lesson. If suitable, I will add it my the list under 'planned'.
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What's happening

Below you can view the list of items that are currently in development, next for development, and planned for future development. This list changes on a monthly basis.
Last updated: 27th August 2023

In Development

A complete overhaul of the current Bricks Builder main course. (Not the WooCommerce section). The launch date is scheduled for early November 2023.
Complete overhaul of our 2022 Oxygen Builder course with a newly updated web design project, and new techniques, using the latest version of Oxygen (4.7 onwards). Launching on 7th October 2023.


This has been planned for some time, but due to work commitments has now been scheduled for a 2024 launch.
This course has been planned for some time also, but due to work commitments, this has now been rescheduled for launch in 2024.


*Language Conversion: French Subtitles
*Language Conversion: Spanish Subtitles
*Some planned items are subject to further research and testing. **Delayed items.