Note: this list is not an exhaustive list of the content upgrades I'm working on for my courses. I'm always looking to add new topics and video lessons. I also invite you to use the link below to make a lesson or topic request. If suitable, I will add it to this list. Updates to existing course content is not included in this list. Please check the change log inside each course for more details.
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What's happening

Below you can view the list of items that are currently in development, next for development, and planned for future development.

In Development

Bricks Course - Section 8 Updates
Oxygen Course - Class Selector Lists
**Oxygen Course - Using ACF with Oxygen


Bricks Course - Topic: Pop-up Contact Form
Bricks Course - Section 9: Effects + Animations
Bricks Course - Section 10: Bonus Tutorials...


Bricks Course - Section 11 - WooCommerce...
Oxygen + LearnDash - Complete Course
Bricks + MemberPress - Complete Course
*Language Conversion: French Subtitles
*Language Conversion: Spanish Subtitles
Palm Bay Demo Site for Bricks Course
*Some planned items are subject for consideration and approval. **Delayed items.