💡 This list has not been exhausted by any means. I'm always looking to add new topics and video lessons to the existing courses. I also invite you to use the link below to suggest a topic or lesson. If suitable, I will add it my the list under 'planned'.
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What's happening

Below you can view the list of items that are currently in development, next for development, and planned for future development. This list changes on a monthly basis.
Last updated: 10th May 2023

In Development

WooCommerce pages and templates topics. Estimated completion by 12th May 2023.
New topics are added to this section on a regular and ongoing basis.


Pop-up form builder tutorial to create a contact form. Estimated start on 1st June 2023.
Complete course teaching you how to design a course website like Fabrizio's using Oxygen Builder + LearnDash! Estimated start on 1st June 2023.


Bricks Course - Topic: BricksForge
Bricks + MemberPress - Complete Course
Oxygen Builder 4: Complete Course Update
*Language Conversion: French Subtitles
*Language Conversion: Spanish Subtitles
**Oxygen Course - Using ACF with Oxygen
*Some planned items are subject to further research and testing. **Delayed items.