Fabrizio's  resources for crafting bespoke and performant websites

Welcome to the ultimate resource guide for devs, website owners, and businesses! This guide contains links to valuable tools, applications, services, and essential resources which you will find useful for your Oxygen Builder website design projects.
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Website Tools


Affordable WordPress hosting for bloggers and entrepreneurs.


Open-source CMS website building platform.

Oxygen Builder

The best WordPress website theme builder plugin.

Oxygen Builder Resources


Powerful Oxygen UI re-imagined. Workflow made for devs.

Oxy Ultimate

Component add-ons for Oxygen to speed up your workflow.

Swiss Knife Pro

Oxygen Builder extended UI with pro tools and features.

Dev Tools


An amazing online application for testing and sharing code snippets.


A plugin designed to improve your HTML workflow. 

CSS Tricks

Valuable references for HTML and CSS code snippets.


Resources, references, and guides for developers created by devs.

W3C CSS Validator

Super useful tool for running your CSS snippets and validating code.

Visual Code

Powerful and customizable open-source code editor.

UX/UI Design Tools


Pixel tight website icons perfect for all your projects.


Beautifully hand-crafted open-source icons for the web.


Color palette generator to inspire your next project.

Make Tints + Shades

Find the perfect shades and tints to use in your website.

UI Gradients

Super cool UI gradient CSS generator for designers.

Flat UI Colors

Copy and paste color palettes for your next design project.


Nifty CSS clip-path generator for designers and devs.

HTML Colorcodes

RGB, HEX, and HSL color picker and CSS generator.

Testing & Optimization

Google Developers

Library of must-use dev tools from Google.


Page speed testing and website performance tracking.


24/7 website health and SEO monitoring tools.
Affiliate Disclaimer: some links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase of one of these tools or services, I will be paid a small commission, at no additional cost to you.