The Complete WordPress And Oxygen Builder Course

This is the complete course that teaches you how to build beautiful, fast-loading, responsive websites with WordPress and Oxygen Builder 4.0


The Complete WordPress And Oxygen Builder Course

The Complete Freelance Web Design Video Course covers all the basic, as well as advanced techniques for building your website using WordPress and the awesome Oxygen Builder 4.0 theme builder plugin.

The course comes complete with over 85 HD video lectures (13+ hours of video) providing step-by-step detailed instructions on how to build a responsive website using Oxygen Builder 4.0 and WooCommerce. If you are new to website building, WordPress, and Oxygen, you'll learn how to combine visual design with your own custom code to create a truly beautiful freelance website. Everything you need to build an irresistible and professional-looking website and eCommerce store is included in this power course!

No knowledge of coding is required!

  1. 13 Sections with over 80 lessons
  2. 85+ HD video instructions (Over 13 hours of video)
  3. Downloadable media-kit
  4. HTML and CSS code snippets
  5. Using custom and advanced queries
  6. Using Meta Box custom fields with Oxygen
  7. Using conditions in Oxygen
  8. Lifetime access to course content and upgrades
  9. Complete WooCommerce store-building course included
  10. Bonus Oxygen HTML and CSS tutorials
  11. 14-day money-back guarantee

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

The course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee! If you're not 100% satisfied with the course content, we'll give you a full refund. The only question we'll ask you is how can we improve the course for the future.