Using HTML and CSS with WordPress Website Builders (HTML + CSS Introductory Course)

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Welcome to the beginner's guide to using HTML and CSS with WordPress website builders! This is a short little course that complements our other WordPress web design courses.

💡 This mini course is brand new and still a work in progress. All of the topics are available, but not all the topics contain videos. Please check back from time to time to view the updates to the sections and topics in this mini-course.

What is this course?

This course is an introduction to HTML and CSS for beginners. The course covers the basics and will also show you how to implement HTML and CSS in your WordPress website design projects when using builder tools such as Bricks Builder or Oxygen Builder.

Who is this course for?

If you are new to the world of WordPress website design, and you are using a website builder tool such as Oxygen Builder or Bricks, it is favorably recommended that you know some basic HTML and CSS to help you make the most of those mentioned tools.

What will this course help you achieve, exactly?

This is a beginner-friendly bare-bones course aimed at explaining the fundamental basics of HTML and CSS. You will not know how to code a website from complete scratch, like a pro by the time you complete this course, this is not a coding course.

However, you will learn what HTML and CSS are, how they work together, how a web browser interprets HTML, what tags and elements are, and how HTML and CSS are structured.

More importantly, you will learn how to add some basic HTML to your website pages and style some of your elements using CSS inside of your favorite website builder tool.

Question: Is it important that I know HTML and CSS when building my website with Bricks Builder or Oxygen?

Absolutely not. You can build a stunning WordPress site without touching a single line of code. And the powerful Bricks Builder and Oxygen Builder tools that we use in our other courses, let you do just that.

However, as I already emphasized, you can broaden your horizon by adding some custom elements to your site by knowing how to apply a little HTML and CSS to your design.

Even if you plan only to use the visual design options using Bricks, Oxygen, or whichever builder you use, a little HTML and CSS know-how can prove to be more than useful.

OK, I hope this clears a few things up, now take a look at the topics listed below to see what's included in this mini-course.