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complete wordpress visual web design mastery courses

Comprehensive online courses to teach how to systematically build responsive WordPress websites using Bricks and Oxygen Builder

Design stunning WordPress websites visually, with a little pinch of code


is this you?

you are..

Searching high and low for a comprehensive and systemic Oxygen or Bricks Builder visual design course?
Tired of scouring YouTube and blogs for specific Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder tutorials?
Looking for a simple way to design great-looking responsive WordPress sites with little coding?
Aspiring to become a freelance web designer working with WordPress website builder tools?
Looking for a design-driven community where you can gain valuable expert feedback on your projects?
Looking for unlimited creative freedom and inspiring ideas for your WordPress web design projects?

If you checked all the boxes above, then my visual wordpress web design courses are for you!


the ultimate oxygen builder + bricks builder visual design courses

Why take my courses?

Design wordpress websites with zero complexity

What is so special about my Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder Course?

My courses will teach you how to design functional WordPress websites without the complexity!

My motto has always been keeping the process of visually designing websites simple and chaotic-free. At the same time to teach creating websites people can use!

Bricks Builder can be used to create complex or simple websites, and my courses will teach you a simple but effective approach to building amazing websites.

The same can be said for Oxygen Builder. While Oxygen gives you the power to create sites with advanced features and complex functionality, I keep things simple so that everyone can benefit from the courses.

Not everyone wants to become a web design expert, so my courses are perfect for individuals, small businesses, and budding entrepreneurs.

In both my Oxygen and Bricks Builder courses, I cover creating a WooCommerce store for selling digital products, setting up conversion pages with email marketing plugins, LMS integration with my Oxygen and LearnDash module, and much more.

consistent updates added to course topics

Course topics and videos are updated weekly

Over 100 hours of HD instructional videos

Over 200 video lessons + expert tutorials.

Self-paced website design projects

Multiple design projects included in each course.

HTML, CSS, and JS Code Snippets Library

Code snippets accompany the course topics and tutorials.

Downloadable media kids and assets

Media kits complete with graphics, images, and more.

Support implementing lessons

Support with courses, private Discord group.

WooCommerce course module!

Build an online store with Bricks, Oxygen, and WooCommerce.

Oxygen + LearnDash course module

Build an online course like mine with Oxygen + LearnDash.

WPCodeBox lessons included!

Learn to organize your code snippets with WPCodeBox.

Meet your instructor


Hello, I'm Fabrizio Van Marciano, the founder of FVM Courses, Van Marciano Pro, and the author behind the Bricks Builder and Oxygen Builder courses. With over a 15 years of experience building WordPress sites, I'm excited to share my expertise and guide you step-by-step through the process of building websites with Bricks and Oxygen Builder.

What students say

Really enjoying the course so far. What sells it though is Fabrizio's professional speaking voice. A pure asset over anything out there. Class!
- Mark
I just want to say that I bought your course and I'm absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for doing such a great job creating it.
- Tomasz
Thank you so much for all that you do with your courses and tutorials on YouTube. Your Oxygen course has helped me do things with my website that I never thought I could do by myself!
- Lisa
Fabrizio is a great teacher and an incredibly helpful person. WordPress is very daunting for me and Fabrizio was always able to answer my technical queries quickly. I recommend his YouTube tutorials too.
- Kahil
I really like Fabrizio's teaching style. Nothing is rushed and he doesn't hide the mistakes he makes sometimes in his videos. I look forward to more Bricks Builder tutorials added to his website soon.
- Nathan

there's more

In addition to the courses, you also get access to our new templates library (* released in April 2024). Plus, there's much more exclusive content to get your hands on. You have the choice of buying our all-courses access pass or becoming a member of Van Marciano Pro. Members get access to expert WordPress tutorials, advanced design tutorials, access to private Discord group, and more.
Templates + Design Sets
Bonus Modules*
Code Snippets
Access to demo project websites

14-Day money back guarantee... No questions asked.

get access to all my courses!

My visual design courses are now available through the membership platform at Van Marciano Pro or for a one-time fee. You'll get access to the Oxygen and Bricks Builder Courses and templates.




courses now closed

Enrollment for our online courses is currently closed. Click here to learn why.




Courses + Tutorials

€109 + VAT if applicable

Save €30
Gives you access to courses, projects, expert tutorials + code snippets during the term of your subscription.
Project based
13 Sections
60 Topics
50 Video Lessons
Project Media Kits
CSS Code Snippets
WooCommerce Course
Oxygen Builder 4 (Legacy)
Lifetime Updates**
2 Months Project Support
SIGNUPSee all options



Courses, Tutorials + Templates


€149 + VAT if applicable

Save €150
Gives you access to courses, templates, projects, tutorials + code snippets during the term of your subscription.
Multiple projects
All topics
Over 100 HD Videos
Project Media Kits
All Code Snippets
All Bonus Modules
Lifetime Course Updates
LT access to VM Pro*
1 Year Project Support
SIGNUPSee all options


✨ Course Lifetime

Courses + Templates


€229 + VAT if applicable

Save €150
Gives you access to Oxygen and Bricks Builder Courses + templates for a one-time fee + lifetime updates.
Multiple projects
All topics
Over 100 HD Videos
Project Media Kits
All Code Snippets
All Bonus Modules
Lifetime Course Updates
LT access to VM Pro*
1 Year Project Support

Lifetime Access

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Please refer to my new FAQs section on Van Marciano Pro for my course membership FAQs
Yes. The Ultimate Course Lifetime option gives you access to all my current courses with lifetime updates to those courses. You will also get access to our templates library so you can download the templates featured in the courses. The templates are a new feature releaseing on the 15th of April 2024. 
Oxygen and Bricks Builder are two separate software products. Both are visual drag-and-drop website builder tools designed for WordPress.

Oxygen Builder comes in the form of a WordPress plugin, whilst Bricks Builder comes in the form of a WordPress theme (parent theme and child theme).

Both of these tools have incredible flexibility and allows users to create a completely customised website design from the ground up.

Oxygen Builder comes with a vast template library whilst Bricks gives you access to community templates.
Please visit my new FAQ section on Van Marciano Pro for information on membership refunds, which includes access to my courses.

Yes, these are the perfect courses for anyone new to WordPress web design, Oxygen, or Bricks Builder.

All of the sections are beginner-friendly, with just enough advanced techniques and topics thrown in.

If you are a small business, blogger, entrepreneur, or startup and have a basic understanding of WordPress, HTML, and CSS, and have used website builder tools before, I believe you will also find value in this course.
If you consider yourself a power user of WordPress, Oxygen, or Bricks (i.e. you're a WordPress developer or design agency that uses Oxygen/Bricks for your client projects), and you know everything there is to know, then the answer is no, this course is not for you.

If you are starting out as a freelance web designer and want to learn about the possibilities of using a visual design tool with WordPress, you can absolutely benefit from this course by learning some new or alternative design techniques and my unique approach.
Yes! There are sections in both courses (Bricks + Oxygen) that include topics about creating and designing a WooCommerce store.

As for custom fields, my Bricks Builder course includes topics on using Meta Box to create custom post types with custom fields. We hope to add some tutorials to my Oxygen course later in 2024.
You do not need to know how to code to take any of my visual web design courses.

Remember, the course is beginner-friendly, and most of the videos are 'follow along with me' orientated. However, if you have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can make the most of this course, but it is not essential.

In addition, any code that we need to add to my website project is included in code snippets, so all you have to do is copy and paste.
My new Oxygen Builder 5.0 course uses Oxygen Builder version 4.7 and onwards.

The new Bricks Builder 2.0 course uses version 1.9.7 and onwards. The Bricks Legacy courses use versions 1.6 to 1.8
It means exactly how it is written. You pay once, and you will receive lifetime updates on the current versions, plus future versions of the courses. However, keep in mind that lifetime updates are only available on Lifetime Deal Membership Plans and Lifetime Course Access plans.
The website development media kits can be downloaded to your computer. You will need this to follow along with the website design project(s) included in these courses. 

The videos, however, cannot be downloaded and can only be accessed and viewed via this website.
Unlike reading and watching tutorials on blogs and YouTube, these courses offer a more structured and efficient approach to learning visual web design using WordPress, Oxygen, and Bricks Builder, making your learning experience fun and rewarding.

More importantly, I've been working with WordPress for over 15 years, and website builder tools for 5 years. I've built countless websites, both personal and client sites. I have sound knowledge, skills, and experience with visual web design. and I've been teaching web design for over three years.

The website you are visiting today is built on WordPress and designed using Oxygen Builder 4.8.
I'm available to answer all of your pre-sale and course-related questions. Use the chat widget available only on my Membership platform at Van Marciano Pro. (Pro and Ultimate members receive support with tutorials and course material.)

If you need clarification on the lessons or require an update on the source code or anything at all. Or if something isn't working for you, Just email me, day or night, and I'll try my best to assist you. Support is only available for Pro and Ultimate Members.
If you are an All Courses Access Member, you are invited to join Van Marciano Pro using a special invitation code which can be found in your account dashboard. If you are a single course (Bricks or Oxygen) member, you can upgrade to All Access Pass at a special price whereupon you will receive a FREE invite to Van Marciano pro membership worth €599 + Taxes. If you are a a single course member, you can find the upgrade link and information in your account dashboard.

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me for pre-sales support! use the chat widget below or email me. You can reach me at me@fabriziovanmarciano.com