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Oxygen builder + Bricks Builder Web Design Courses

Learn to design and deploy blazing-fast and responsive WordPress sites using powerful website builder tools, and a host of third-party plugins and applications!
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Do you love using website builders for WordPress? Looking for a complete, beginner-friendly website design course? Look no further.
Hi, I'm Fabrizio and I'm the creator of Van Marciano Courses. I'm here to teach you how to build amazing, blazing fast loading, and responsive WordPress sites, from complete scratch, using Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder.

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Oxygen Builder 5.0 Course(2023/2024 Edition)

Brand New



+ VAT (if applicable)
13 New sections
60 New topics
50 new video lessons
Media kit included
CSS Code snippets
WooCommerce course
Oxygen 4.0 legacy course
Project support°°°
Free updates°
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Bricks Builder 1.7 Course (2023 Edition)



+ VAT (if applicable)
15 Sections
75 Topics
91 video lessons
Media kit included
CSS Code snippets
JS Code snippets
WooCommerce course
Project support°°°
Free updates°
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All Courses Access (Current + future courses)



+ VAT (if applicable)
150+ Topics
170+ video lessons
Media kits included
Code snippets Library
resources page
WooCommerce courses
Project support°°°
Free updates°°
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Best Value
responsive design
Mega menu tutorial
flip-box tutorial
beginner friendly
Advanced Topics
WPCodeBox Tutorial (Oxygen)
ACSS + MetaBox (Oxygen)*
Oxygen + learnDash*
Responsive design
wPCodeBox tutorial (Bricks)
ACSS + metaBox Tutorials (Bricks)
Beginner friendly
advanced topics
bricks + memberPress*
Oxygen + LearnDash*
Bricks + ACSS
CSS For Beginners Mini Course
Bricks + MemberPress*
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°° Lifetime updates to all current courses. Access all future versions of the existing courses e.g. Bricks Builder 2.0 Course + Updates. Access + updates to all future courses.
°°° Project support doesn't include technical support regarding Bricks, Oxygen, or any third-party plugin and services used in the courses.
* Coming in late 2023 or early 2024
Really enjoying the course so far. What sells it though is Fabrizio's professional speaking voice. A pure asset over anything out there. Class!
- Mark
I just want to say that I bought your course and I'm absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for doing such a great job creating it.
- Tomasz

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Build responsive websites from the ground up
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Over 170 topics combined across all our courses
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Are you ready to start learning how to build an epic website from scratch?

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What will I learn from these courses?

Our courses will teach you how to use Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder to design a beautiful responsive WordPress website from complete scratch. Our courses will guide you into using both the visual design options in these powerful tools, and some custom CSS.

Is there anything these courses does not cover?

Some things are excluded from the courses, and some are part of our content rollout roadmap. We recommend that you read the FAQ section for each individual course for more information.

I'm completely new to WordPress and website builders, so are these courses designed for beginners?

Yes, our courses are perfect for those totally new to WordPress, Oxygen Builder, Bricks Builder, and web design. All of the sections are beginner and intermediate-friendly, with plenty of advanced techniques thrown in. If you are a small business, blogger, entrepreneur, or startup and have a basic understanding of WordPress, HTML, and CSS, and have used a visual website builder before, you will also find a ton of value from these courses.

I consider myself a pro user of WordPress and website builders, will I still find value in these courses?

If you consider yourself a power user of WordPress and website builders (you're a developer or design agency that uses Oxygen or Bricks for your client projects), and you know everything there is to know, then the answer is no, this course is not for you. If you are starting as a freelance web designer and want to learn about visual builders such as Oxygen Builder, you can benefit from these courses by learning some new or alternative visual design techniques.

Do these courses include WooCommerce sections?

There is a complete section in our Oxygen Builder course that teaches you how to create, design, and set up an Oxygen + WooCommerce store for your website to sell digital products. We are working to add a WooCommerce section to our Bricks Course also.

Do I need to know how to code to use these courses?

You do not need to know how to code to take any of our courses. Remember, the courses are beginner-friendly, and most of the videos are 'follow along with me' orientated. However, if you have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can make the most of our courses, but it is not essential.

What do I need to get started with one of your courses?

We will assume you already have a WordPress site and access to either Oxygen Builder 4.0 or Bricks Builder. But if you don't, we will show you how to set up a WordPress website on your local computer, or via a web host provider (Oxygen Only). Plus we'll cover some recommended settings, useful plugins, and more.

Will the price of your courses go up soon?

One of our aims with these courses is to make them affordable and accessible to everyone. Especially during these current times of uncertainty. View our pricing table for up-to-date prices of our course packages.

Can I download the course material and videos to access offline?

The website development media kit that comes with each course can be downloaded to your computer. You will need these if you want to follow along with the website design project(s) included in our courses. The videos, however, cannot be downloaded and can only be accessed and viewed via this website.

Will I get access to additional lectures and videos, and any future content upgrades?

Yes, absolutely. You only pay once, and you get lifetime content upgrades for each respective course package. This does not include access to course content using future versions of the page builder software, e.g. Oxygen Builder 5.0. Access to all future courses is reserved for the Ultimate All-Courses Lifetime Package.

Is there a discount code I can use?

From time to time, we like to host special discount periods for our courses. When there is a promotion active, coupon codes will usually be displayed above the header of the course landing page.

Does the courses come in other languages?

At the moment, the course only comes in English spoken and written format. We are working to add other languages to the course, including French, German, and Spanish. We currently don't have an estimated time of completion for this.

Why should I pay for these courses when there are free tutorials online?

Unlike reading and watching tutorials on blogs and YouTube, our courses offer a more structured and efficient approach to learning web design using WordPress, Oxygen Builder 4.0, or Bricks Builder making your learning experience fun and rewarding.

How long are the course videos in total?

At the time of updating this FAQ section, the course videos amount to a total of 23 hours of content (Both courses combined). New videos are being uploaded on a weekly basis.

What platform are the videos hosted on?

The videos are hosted on Vimeo and embedded into the course topics. As already mentioned, the videos can only be viewed via the course pages when logged in. The videos cannot be downloaded for offline viewing at this time.

How often is the content of the courses updated?

Since we use Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder on a daily basis in our own business, we are kept informed of new updates for both builders. This allows us to ensure that our course content is kept up to date also.

What if I have a question regarding the course content or video instructions?

We are available to answer all of your pre-sale and course-related questions. If you need clarification on the lessons or require an update on the source code, or anything at all. Or if something isn't working for you, Just email us, day or night, and we'll try our best to assist you in a timely fashion. That's what we're here for. We are a family-run business and a friendly bunch. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

I found no value in your courses, whatsoever. Can I get a full refund?

*Yes! However, there are some criteria for refunds. If you didn't find any value in our courses, we'd love to know why so that we can improve them in the future. You will receive a full refund, as long as you have not watched more than 5% of the course content, and you notify us within 14-days of making your purchase. Remember, once you've been refunded, you will no longer have access to the course content, videos, and future content upgrades. Also, please note that we will not refund courses that have lapsed 14 days, unless we can see you haven't viewed more than 5% of the course content.
* View full terms of service and my refund policy page.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee! That means if you're not 100% satisfied with the course content, I'll give you a full refund. The only question I'll ask you is how can I improve the course for the future? Don't forget to read my full terms of service and refunds policy page for more information.

Don't forget, as an early investor of the course, you'll get free access to all the additional new sections and topics, as well as future content upgrades, and all future website design courses.